Projects - New Flower Beds Glasgow

Here we have created a pretty, useful area from an area that was not being used at the end of a drive.

The whole area had to be dug out and then shaped with railway sleepers to provide two halves. We were careful to keep one or two shrubs already growing there that the owner likes. We then planted a Camelia hedge which will flower and grow to a height that will provide partial screening from the cars parked to the side. The white chippings were laid over Terram to stop weeds coming through and assist drainage and the owner now has a table and 2 chairs on this section.

We will return shortly to assist her in building a rockery from the sandstone we salvaged from the formerly disused area and thus save her money and use a more authentic and weathered product that matches the fabric of the main house and the wall that partially surrounds the property.

Another happy customer!

New Flower Beds

"Really the best tree surgeons in the area. Knowledgable and super tidy. The stumps in the garden were removed and you would never know they had been there. Competitive price and professional team. Highly recommend!"
MRS Gee, Shawlands