Projects - New Fence and Decking Glasgow

Initially we needed to remove a 20 foot row of large conifers before we could build this beautiful hard wood fencing and decking.

We erected it at the bottom of a communal garden where it provides a pleasing backdrop for the whole property. Additionally the contemporary house to the rear were so impressed with it they asked if we could extend it along their property as it complimented the wood used on their house. In all, 3 jobs came out of one in this property as each owner saw the good work we were doing.

A new drive was made by removing and levelling the original one with chippings, a raised flower bed and seating area was created from waste land at the end of the driveway and trees were trimmed and shaped to give 3 separate areas of use but an over all area that does not look disjointed or mismatched. All the owners are delighted and over all it will have added value to the once less attractive view.

We are delighted to have fulfilled the requirements of each job and left 3 delighted customers with the budget and the result they wanted!

New Fence and Decking

"Really the best tree surgeons in the area. Knowledgable and super tidy. The stumps in the garden were removed and you would never know they had been there. Competitive price and professional team. Highly recommend!"
MRS Gee, Shawlands