Landscaping and Garden Design

Whether you want a simple fence built or an entire garden designed our process follows a similar route. We arrange a time to come to see the job first hand and have a chat with you.

From experience we will have a good idea of what is going to be required to give you an excellent standard of hard landscaping that will compliment the period of your property whilst being suitable for modern usage. If you decide to instruct us and tree surgery is required it can usually be done straight away helping us to shape the garden in preparation for the next phase.

We can help you to decide on such things as types of fencing, choice of stone and slate etc. We can do as much or as little as you wish but we suggest that a few simple drawings can explain how to zone and shape a garden – straight lines should be avoided for instance because it’s best not to become a slave to the garden trying to maintain that uniformity. A natural flow is preferable. We understand most people want something that is pleasing to the eye whilst not requiring daily care on their part.

Our Design Process

We have a design process that helps us work with you to evaluate functionality through to aesthetics which starts with us understanding how you use or intend to use the garden or areas within that space. It's not rocket science but it is more than shovelling soil around if you are looking for a fantastic job! Our team can do as much or as little as you wish but it would be helpful if you could have a think in advance of our visit if you want for example, a patio, a fence, decking. Any ideas are good in the early stages as we want to produce something you really like.

We are happy to suggest and explain how to subtly zone areas, whilst maintaining a natural flow to the garden or what are the best materials we can use to create a bespoke environment to suit your way of living. It's worthwhile getting the plan worked out so we can source the best materials at the reasonable prices and then when work starts we have all materials and equipment to hand and are able to carry the job out efficiently and reliably.

Add Style and Value to your Property

Our intention would be to first work with you and then for you to feel confident in letting us get on with fulfilling your requirements. We understand any garden work is as much of an investment in your property as it is when you get renovations done internally, in fact the garden can be the first thing people see and makes a big impact.

Therefore our intention is always to create a space you can enjoy all year round for years to come and adds value and style to your property.

Landscaping and Garden Design

Landscaping and Garden Design

Landscaping and Garden Design

Newlands Tree Surgeons

"Really the best tree surgeons in the area. Knowledgable and super tidy. The stumps in the garden were removed and you would never know they had been there. Competitive price and professional team. Highly recommend!"
MRS Gee, Shawlands