Tree Surgery in Eaglesham

Here at Newlands Tree Surgeons we are well situated to provide our excellent landscape garden design services to the Eaglesham area. With our team operating throughout Eaglesham all year round there's a strong chance that someone near you has already received a new and unique custom garden design from our team of well trained professional designers.

Your garden may be run down, under maintained or no longer fit for purpose. Perhaps you find it plain and uninspiring or maybe it's simply too difficult to keep up with the garden chores as it stands at the moment. Newlands Tree Surgeon can design a bespoke garden taking in to consideration the space available, the amount of lighting and of course your personal preferences and requirements. Once we've created the perfect plan for your garden or specialist team of landscape gardeners can come in and make your design a reality. We'll quickly craft your garden into the perfect living space, cleaning away all debris so you can begin to enjoy your garden strait away.

If you live in the Eaglesham area and require any kind of garden design service please don't hesitate to contact us on 07437 437 123 or email

Newlands Domestic Tree Surgery

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"Really the best tree surgeons in the area. Knowledgeable and super tidy. The stumps in the garden were removed and you would never know they had been there. Competitive price and professional team. Highly recommend!"
MRS Gee, Shawlands