Domestic Tree Surgery

Newlands Tree Surgeons have two decades of experience in arboriculture. We are fully qualified and fully insured. We provide a free quotation and endeavour to get your job done as soon as possible. We have tackled everything from trees that have grown around phone cables to trees growing on roofs so don't hesitate to call no matter what the job involves.

Our uniformed staff all wear the correct safety equipment and when required the work area will be cordoned or coned off from the general public. Whether it is trimming a hedge or taking down a large tree and removing the stump, we believe our standards are high and our prices are competitive! Below are some of the terms we use in tree surgery to describe techniques and terminology, it may be that they will help you in understanding the job you wish us to do. Call us today for advice or to arrange a site visit.

We are Tree Surgery experts and can help and advise on the following:

Removal of dead or overgrown branches or stems to encourage growth.

Crown pruning
The removal of branches and leaves on a tree to promote growth, to regulate size and shape or to improve the quality of flowers, fruit or timber.

Crown Cleaning
Removal of dead wood, broken, diseased or damaged branches.

Crown Thinning
Selective removal of some inner and outer branches evenly throughout the trees crown, to permit better air movement and light penetration.

Crown Raising
Involves the removal of branches from the bottom of the crown of a tree to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings on pavements and roads or lines of site.

Crown Reduction
Can reduce the weight of potentially dangerous branches, balance a misshapen or damaged tree and prevent the tree from obstructing, damaging or interfering with buildings, property or overhead telephone or power lines.

Tree cabling techniques provide extra support to limbs with weak joints.

Tree bracing is used to provide support to wind damage, storm damage, weak branch union or trees that need support after improper tree pruning.

Installation of guy wires to support a tree.

Root Pruning
Process of cutting the roots of an established tree to promote growth of new feeder roots after it has been transplanted.

Damage Restoration
Specific pruning to improve the structure and appearance of the tree due to damage from a storm or vandalism.

Tree Removal
The cutting down of a tree that has declined so far that no other option is available to ensure the safety of persons and property.

Stump Removal
Grinding the main stump prevents suckering and fungal root rots.

Crane Removal
Removing hazardous limbs and trees through the use of hoisting equipment.

Newlands Domestic Tree Surgery

Newlands Tree Surgeons

"Really the best tree surgeons in the area. Knowledgable and super tidy. The stumps in the garden were removed and you would never know they had been there. Competitive price and professional team. Highly recommend!"
MRS Gee, Shawlands